HQE Certification

HQE international, also known as “beHQE” or “HQE by Cerway” is the International version of HQE, the French standard for Green Buildings. The HQE standard has been developped since 1992, by experts from France in cooperation with the French government working together to develop a measurable sustainable approach to optimize all aspects linked to the construction of buildings: the « Haute Qualité Environnementale», (High Environmental Quality).

Working on the construction of an environmental standard, the HQE association, in partnership with other actors, has defined the foundations of this certification. They include:

  • The management of the project’s impact on the exterior environment, with a focus on
    saving resources by optimizing their consumption

  • The creation of healthy and comfortable indoor environments

The concept of HQE aims to increase buildings’ overall quality, by improving occupants comfort and protecting the environment. The HQE certification is organized around 14 HQE targets. The certificate is based on 4 themes: energy, environment, health, comfort.

GreenBIM and HQE International

GreenBIM Engineering provides consulting services in order to optimize target selection, advice all actors concerned by the HQE certification and produce required reports needed for the HQE Certification. GreenBIM is involved through the whole project with early-stage involvement:

Planning phase

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Site environmental analysis
  • Target identification, prioritization and definition of the environmental profile of the project
  • Adjustment and validation of the environmental program
  • Adaptation and integration of HQE to the project management system
  • Evaluation of the Environmental Quality of the Building (QEB)
  • Audit CERWAY n°1: Pre-project audit – QEB assessment

Construction phase

  • Thorough evaluation of the QEB at Conceptual, detailed and construction design phases
  • Preparation meeting and participation to the Audit CERWAY n°2: Design audit
  • Assessment of the environmental quality of the project in final phase
  • Preparation and follow-up construction meetings, Construction site visit reports summary
  • Preparation meeting and participation to the audit CERWAY n°3: Execution audit
  • Environmental commissioning of the building

Simulations, calculations and energy models

  • Energy modeling compliant HQE
  • Daylight simulation compliant HQE
  • Acoustics calculations

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