Project details


Courcouronnes, France


Office and showroom


3,800 m²




Sérau Architectes et Ingénieurs Associés


Project description:

Zehnder is an international group committed to creating energy-efficient solutions for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Zehnder manufactures designer radiators which can be operated electrically or with a hot water system, radiant ceiling panels for heating and cooling, and ventilation and air cleaning products. As the new Head Office of Zehnder Group in France, the building is designed following high environmental and energy performance standards, such as MINERGIE-P®, BREEAM and LEED.

This sustainable building will help the Group to promote its strategic know-how: offer thermal comfort solutions combining quality and energy efficiency. The building includes offices spaces, showroom, and training spaces for the technicians. It features many energy conservation measures such as:

• Highly-insulated building envelope
• High performance triple glazing
• High efficiency ground source heat pump
• Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)
• Radiant ceiling panels for space heating and cooling
• Free cooling with ground source water heat exchange
• Dedicated outdoor air systems with heat recovery
• Automatically controlled exterior blinds
• High efficiency lighting system with occupancy and daylight sensors

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